New Museum in Petra, Jordan



As a former archaeological field-student at Petra, and a lover of all things Jordanian, I couldn’t help but share this brief news story about the addition of another museum to the famous archaeological site. Once the museum is complete, it might be reason for another trip overseas!

“A museum of “international standards” will soon be built at the World Heritage Site of Petra in Jordan, raising questions about what will happen to the ancient city’s two existing institutions. The announcement came in late December from Mohammed Nawafleh, the chief commissioner of the Petra Development and Tourism Region.

The ancient city of Petra was the capital of the Nabataeans, who settled in southern Jordan by the late fourth century BC. They traded in frankincense and spices, and controlled caravan routes that linked China, India, South Arabia and the Mediterranean. The stunning city of sandstone temples and tombs cut directly into the…

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