The Nephilim Giants

Macedonian Dimension

Who were the Nephilim? The heart of the matter lies in the ancient accounts of the Nephilim and their offspring–who and what they really were, what they did, where they are now, what their agenda is, and so on.


Well over twenty years of research has led me to this conclusion. Those materials, as borne out by QUOTES from the book of Enoch in the Book of Jude, Revelation bear witness to this, as do the actual mentions in the original Old Testament of the Nephilim, Anakim (Anunna/Anunnaki), Rephaim, and Rapha–along with others descended from Nephilim forbears. In fact, the TRADITIONAL HEBREW VIEW is that the “rapha,” meaning, interchangeably, “irrevocably dead,” “evil spirits,” “demons,” and GIANTS, are the spirits of the half-angelic Nephilim offspring that were killed in the great cataclysm we remember as the Flood. This is not a tall tale, but a truth of which Christ and…

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