Book of Enoch on Display

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The book of Enoch has received some attention in the news today. The Courier-Journal reports that a printed copy of Enoch was recently purchased by a collector, and is being placed on display at the Remnant Trust in Jeffersonville, Indiana. The article includes a nice video with good images of the book.
Book of Enoch at Remnant Trust, Jeffersonville, Indiana.

Enoch was originally written in Hebrew or Aramaic by Jews, and some ancient fragments of it have been found near the Dead Sea. But the oldest complete versions are in the ancient Ethiopian language of Ge’ez because Ethiopian Christians are the only enduring church group that revered the book as Scripture.

James C. VanderKam, a professor of Hebrew Scriptures at Notre Dame University and a leading expert on the Book of Enoch, has inspected the book on loan to the trust and estimates that it’s probably one of the five oldest manuscripts of the work.

“We don’t have…

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